What does FRANCHISING mean?

  • It is an exciting long-term business partnership model that they establish together with a respectable brand for entrepreneurs.
  • Has a marketing and distribution system.
  • It allows the independent investors to use the system and brand, and allows the brand and operation system to be shared on the market.
  • It provides prestige and credibility with a well-known brand.


Why should I invest in FRANCHISE?

  • Brand awareness
  • Won customer confidence
  • FRANCHISING is a rapidly growing business concept and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to own their own business.
  • The owner will have the chance to do the job in the best way with proven methods with the power of the brand.
  • The advantage of being part of a large system
  • Achieving high standards through tried and proven methods
  • Financial and legal support
  • Efficient partner creative
  • Efficient local publicity
  • Establishing trust in the client by ensuring standardization in audits
  • Low investment The advantage of high profits with low risk
  • The chance to supply affordable products
  • Advantage of regional protection
  • Staff selection support for the creation of professional staff
  • Training support to create professional staff
  • Management support to provide expert management

Why should I be FRANCHISE of a well-known brand, like Secil, instead of setting up my own business?

  • With its steady growth rate since its foundation in 1981, Seçil brand has attracted more attention to its competitors than its competitors and with over 600 different models and designs per year, its brands such as GALA-XI, IL'MIO, SEÇİL, High profile margins have grown from day to day through the most exclusive stores in the world and in various kinds of Turkey with its female line and proved itself with 650 sales points in 31 years.
  • FRANCHISE's strength and success comes from the brand's experience in the sector. We have learned what is true in the past 31 years and want to make sure that you benefit from this information.
  • Most importantly, we work with an institutional, professional and ever-evolving team like Seçil, offering investors the opportunity to concentrate on sales and marketing without being exposed to unnecessary disputes and losing time.
  • We also have the opportunity to receive support from consultants from industry professionals and we offer continuous development opportunities for personal and professional growth.


What are the advantages of the FRANCHISING system in terms of the FRANCHISE store?

  • The time and energy you lose when you build your own business is minimized with this system. It gives you the opportunity to direct your energy to the sales instead of dealing with the supply.
  • The brand has a certain standard and quality.
  • The system can also be perceived as an open faculty of education. Years of experience and experience are being conveyed to entrepreneurs in a short time. This prevents an entrepreneur adopting the FRANCHISING system from rediscovering America. In a short time, the entrepreneur who learns the tricks of the business has a real competitive edge.
  • Thanks to the FRANCHISING system, the entrepreneur has the potential to create a significant amount of money by spending money, as soon as he has his business set up. In addition, customers and business opportunities arise.
  • In this system, there is a 'knowing person' who can always get counseling behind the entrepreneur and support himself in each case. In this way, there is a chance to work together with the professionals that an entrepreneur who takes a new step in the business world can not financially employ.
  • Since the entrepreneur starts out with a ready system, he can concentrate all his time and energy on sales and marketing.
  • Having the opportunity to get the most appropriate and top quality products in the shopping for the entrepreneur product concept. Thus, the product can maintain quality as standard.
  • The entrepreneur gives high motivation when you are at the first steps of your business life, you can have confidence in it and you have the support that step with it.
  • The entrepreneur can easily share his ideas with people who have adopted the same business as himself and set up their business, and can follow the latest developments in the world. FRANCHISOR can make use of the ongoing research and development efforts.
  • Most importantly, it avoids the loss of time with unnecessary disagreements as it is constantly addressed by professionals with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • FRANCHISE provides educational services and expert staff support to the company FRANCHISE.
  • The skills of finding, hiring, and raising qualified personnel are based on the techniques of the operator who issues FRANCHISE.
  • With the support provided in financial, commercial and personnel matters, technical functions are given more importance and success chance is increased.
  • Collaborating with FRANCHISOR minimizes risk and management problems that small businesses face.
  • Because of the brand's awareness, it saves advertising and promotion costs.
  • The FRANCHISING system reduces the risk of establishing self-employment by removing the entrepreneur's loneliness.
  • Payments made to FRANCHISOR are initially less than the sum of the error costs for an untested job, even though it is more than the preliminary investment of a new job.
  • Standard management, accounting, sales and stocking functions are possible for enterprises.

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